3 Symptoms That Should NOT Send You To A Walk In Clinic In Austin

Walk in clinics in Austin are great.  They provide the kind of health care you need, right when you need it, and all without an appointment.  While these are all great, there are still many symptoms that you should not use a walk in clinic to deal with.  We’re only going to work through three today, but there are more you should keep in mind (for a full list, click here).  Read on, I’ll explain.

Here are the three we’ll talk about today:

  • Chest Pain
  • Seizure
  • Difficulty Speaking

First, Chest Pain.  Since chest pain can mean a heart attack, you need to be in the right place if that is indeed your condition.  See, treating a heart attack has come a long way in the last 40 years.  There are medications available now, and tests too, that are only available at a large medical facility-like a hospital.  Also, ER facilities have the procedures and processes immediately available that put you in position to reduce the damage done by a heart attack.

Second, Seizure.  There are many causes of seizures, but the majority of them – and the most serious – lie in the brain.  Walk in clinics aren’t intended to deal with something this complex.  Too, you need to be in the facility so that if you are diagnosed with any of the major causes of seizures that you are in a place that can help you as much as possible.

Lastly, difficulty speaking is a symptom that is very serious, and should only be dealt with at a ER facility.  Because this is a major indicator of stroke, you should be at a facility that can help you.  Walk in clinics are not the right place.  Again, they’re great for the minor stuff you deal with day-to-day, but if you run across these symptoms, skip the Austin walk in clinic and go straight to the ER.