4 Thoughts on Sports Physicials for the Austin Area

4 thoughts on Sports Physicals for the Austin Area

 1.)  Why get a sports physical? The usual answer is that Sports Physicals are required for participation.   The clinical reason is that a Sports Physical is an opportunity to identify concerns that may limit injury during the sports season.  It is important to remember that it is not designed to be a comprehensive exam.  It should not take the place of the recommended health maintenance physical.

 2.) Where should I take my child for a Sports Physical:  The best place to start is with your Primary Care Physician.  They know your history and have records of immunization but if you are in a hurry or can not get an appointment the nearest Urgent Care Center is a great option and many times has a discounted rate prior to school.   Many schools will offer free Sports Physicals prior to the school year so a call to the administration office may be another option.

 3.)  How to prepare for a Sports Physical:  All physicals will have a history portion to complete prior to the physical.  This is an important area that the student should complete with the parent so an accurate history is recorded.  If your student has not had a Sports Physical a brief discussion about how physical are completed is important.  Parents and children should have a brief discussion about concerns that they would like to discuss with the physician.

 4.)  What are some conditions that would require a more extensive evaluation if identified in a Sports Physical:  Here are a few common conditions that would need further evaluation.  Uncontrolled Asthma, Uncontrolled Hypertension, Eating Disorders, and Uncontrolled Diabetes.

Finally, the Sports Physical is a great excuse for the parent to sit at talk with their child about healthy lifestyle and habits that could jeopardize ones health.