7 Swimming Safety Tips for Summer in Austin!

Swim Safety Tips

When the sun comes out and the Austin weather starts to heat up, what’s the one thing that 
everyone likes to get out and do? Swim of course! Summer season (and even into early 
fall here in Austin) is swim season and that means you and your family need to make 
sure they are safe when they don their swimsuits and jump in the pool. 

One very important rule that the American Red Cross highlights is to always make sure 
someone else is around when swimming. It’s never a good idea to swim alone even for 
adults. That’s because there could be an emergency no matter how old the swimmer is 
and how strong of a swimmer they may be. (Swim Safety)  Here are a few more swim 
safety tips you should keep in mind. 

  1. It’s best to swim in areas where lifeguards are on duty. This is especially important for children who are swimming. 
  2. Adults should avoid drinking alcohol while swimming. 
  3. Keep in mind that swimming pool toys like water wings, noodles, and other types of floats are not the same as a life jacket. They should not be used as safety devices. 
  4. If you are swimming in a new pool, before you jump in, make sure you know where all safety equipment is located. That includes a first aid kit, a flotation ring/life preserver and the extension pole. In an emergency situation, you shouldn’t have to hunt for the equipment that you may need. 
  5. Be aware of water intake devices, drains, and filters. They could easily catch loose clothing or hair. 
  6. Avoid carrying drinks in glass containers at the pool and especially avoid running with a glass container around the pool. 
  7. Do not get distracted if you have small children in the water. Avoid reading, wearing headphones, or doing anything that may take your eyes off of the kids for too long. 

Summer should be a fun time when everyone takes to the pool, and you can certainly 
enjoy the water with these swim safety tips.

Check out this amazing video where a 18 month old child swims/floats in a family pool!