Austin Family Care Clinics: 3 Tips You Should Know When Choosing A Clinic

Family medicine is important, and the clinic and doctors you choose to take care of your family’s health determines the course of that health care.  How do you make that decision?  What criteria should you use to choose whether or not a certain family care clinic in Austin is right for you?  There are many things to consider, but there are three that you should consider immediately.  Not to say that these things are higher in importance than others, just that you should think of them first.  Let’s run through a few of these, and hopefully it will help you pick the right doctor and clinic for your family’s health care in Austin.  Read on.

First, if you have kids, you have to have a doctor that works well with them.  If your doctor does not have a good rapport with your kids, that just adds one other layer to the difficulty in getting your kids to go to the doctor for any reason, let alone getting a flu shot.  Our physicians have 9 kids between them both; therefore they have a lot of experience and a very good rapport with children. Having physicians that have compassion when dealing with sick or injured children puts the parents at ease, knowing that their child is in capable hands. The child will have a nice memory of their last experience in our facility if they every have to return.

Second, consider the staff.  If the staff treats you as if you are in the way, or some obstacle that they have to get around, you want to steer clear of that kind of clinic.  This indicates poor training; that the doctors are not ensuring that the staff is intentional about caring for the parents and kids that come through their family practice clinic in Austin.  

Third, how is their follow-up?  This might not sound like a big deal, but remember: the health of your kids depends on the family clinic in Austin that you pick.  If your doctors are not making a big enough deal about the little details enough to make sure you are getting reminder calls on time, what else is getting missed?  

Taking care of your family is your biggest concern, so make sure you pick the family clinic in Austin that feels the same.