Cedar Fever, Can You Prevent Or Lessen the Effect in Austin?

“Ceder Fever” is the nemesis of many people in the Austin and Round Rock areas yearly.  If you’re one of the tens of thousands who suffer from it, you need no education on how much suffering it causes.  But can you prevent it, or is it unavoidable? It’s important to keep in mind that “Cedar Fever” is a direct result of two things: 1. your exposure to the voluminous amounts of pollen that Austin and Round Rock Cedar trees push out every winter, and 2. your body’s individual histamine reaction to it.  That said, it’s logical that the less you inhale the stuff, the less you’ll suffer. Let’s look at some thoughts toward lessening your suffering.

The best defense you can put up against pollen is to stay indoors. As much as possible, amend your schedule to breathe filtered air as much as possible.  You can use the following thoughts to protect yourself and your children from the symptoms that come from exposure to cedar pollen and to reduce the ravaging  effects of Cedar Fever: 

When you are indoors:

  • Be sure to close all windows and doors, and keep them closed.  Check seals on all doors and windows
  • When pollen levels are high, use the the air conditioner or heater (thus engaging the filter)
  • Dust with a moist cloth
  • Change the air conditioner system filters in your home regularly, and especially at the beginning of Cedar Fever Season
  • Use only HEPA air filters
  • Use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner every  week in your home
  • Remember that your pets carry pollen in from outside; bathe your pets frequently

Cedar Fever is tough enough, don’t make it worse by exposing your self to it more than you have to.  As always, our doctors at Urgent & Family Care at AVery Ranch are available for consultation to prepare for or deal with the effects of Cedar Fever in Austin and Round Rock areas.  Contact us today!