Flu Shots are even more critical for these 3 Kinds Of People

Flu Shots are even more critical for these 3 Kinds Of  People

Since flu season is coming, and flu shots are all the rage, we thought we’d talk a little about a few of the people for whom it is more critical than normal to get a flu shot.  This might sound strange because of all the advice you hear from radio and tv ads telling you that you should get a flu shot, of course everyone should get one.  But there are some people for whom the importance level rises quite a bit, and that’s who we’re here to talk about today.  

First, pregnant women should get a flu shot.  The reasoning is simple: they are preparing for two.  Plus, they are more vulnerable to illness since their body is depleted.   The risk of contracting the flu virus is much higher, and thus they should make sure to get a flu shot.

Second, flu shots should be administered to children under 5, but especially children under 2 years of age.  Again, the high risk for both their age and the fact that they are around others who are highly contagious (and don’t yet have the social sense to understand the importance of taking measures to not spread the flu) makes it even more important that they get a flu shot.

A third group that should consider it more important than normal to get a flu shot is people who are 50 years of age and older.  For the same risk reasons, their danger is increased  in getting the flu, and should they contract it, the severity of the flu is increased.  Because of this fact, you see more elderly or very young people die every year from the flu, regardless of what kind or strain it is.