How Do Sports Physicals Work into your plans for a Walk in Clinic?

Sports physicals in Austin are nothing new, any family with that has teens will need one.  You should be thinking ahead, though.  Plan for what your kids are going to need in the coming years, that way you’ll know that your needs and the needs of your kdis will be met properly.  See, a sports physical is something that is required by most schools for participation in different types of competitive sports.  More than that, though, you want to know your kids are prepared and thoroughly checked out for yourself.  For this reason, you want to think through  what clinic  you choose, and the strategy you use to provide the standard care (flu shots, sports physicals, checkups and the like) they receive.  What does that mean?  Let’s dig a little deeper.

You probably already know that there are dozens of institutions within a few miles of the typical home in Austin, Tx. that offer an array of services, from flu shots to checkups and other services.  Most of these institutions offer competition based on price, but is that what you really want?  You have to consider how they arrive at these cheaper (or at least, the perception of cheaper) prices.  They have to hire at the lowest rate, which means they’ll only attract the lowest level of talent.  Is this who you want to be giving your kids a flu shot or a checkup?

A better plan is to have all your family’s care provided under one roof.  Have them attended by the same staff, and the same doctors, so that you know they’ll get the same care. 

This is important when it comes to sports physicals.  Having all the records of your kids’ health in one place, rather than spread out among the several institutions around town that you would use for all these other services, is a much better long terh strategy for your family’s health.