What is a Sports Physical, and how do you know if you need one?

A Sports Physical (also known as a Pre-participation Physical Examination) is a standardized physical checkup designed to discover any physical issues that might cause further harm to a child if they participated in a particular sport. 

Mandated by all ISDs in Texas, you will need one if your child is participating in school activities at local Cedar Park and North Austin schools, like Pearson Middle School, Cedar Valley Middle School, and of course area high schools like Vista Ridge High School (just up the road from us near Vista Ridge Blvd and Brushy Creek) and Cedar Park High School (about 10 minutes from our clinic near Brushy Creek and Lakeline). 

It’s a really good idea to get one for your child, even if they are not in a North Austin area school that requires them. Why? Read on.

Austin Family Soccer Sports Physical, Austin Urgent Care Clinic

What you’re trying to avoid as a parent is to prevent ongoing or lingering injuries for your kids that either prevent them from participating in school activities they like, or worse, end up with a sports injury  that lasts into adulthood (here’s a piece on sports injuries for kids). Sports Physicals do this for you and your child, and the school as well.

Every ISD in Texas cities like Austin and Cedar Park is required by UIL (University Interscholastic League) to have a copy of a Pre-participation Physical Examination (Sports Physical) on file for each student who participates in a given sport or activity requiring the exam. There are other requirements, but we’re limiting this discussion to the Sports Physical for now.

Austin and Cedar Park ISDs (Independent School Districts) require Sports Physicals for children to participate in school sports and other physical activities, because it’s safe. It protects your children, and it protects the school. The last thing a school or school district wants to do is allow a child to participate in activity that will result in injury. It’s hard to overstate the importance of Sports Physicals, they really are very helpful.

So how does it work?  When you enroll your child in an Austin or Cedar Park area school, they will want to declare for which sports they want to play. 

Assuming that they are within the allotted time to sign up, the school will want a Sports Physical to be performed before they start. This is where Urgent and Family Care comes in. We regularly perform Sports Physicals for families, and, since we’re a Cedar Park walk in clinic, you can walk right in anytime we’re open and have one performed for your child.

We are happy to perform Sports Physicals for your child, just come to our walk in clinic on Parmer Lane and Avery Ranch, just across from the Chase Bank in Avery Ranch in beautiful North Austin, Tx and we’ll take care of you!

We perform Sport and School physicals year-round, and if you don’t have the physical form to fill out, don’t worry. We’ll provide one for you.