The Care Savings Plan and Your Budget: Family Health Care

If you’re like most people, the biggest factor in health care for you or your family is cost.  That’s a big one, even at local urgent care clinics in Austin, simply because of the education level needed in the field; it’s not cheap.  But you need to be able to provide quality health care for yourself, and especially if you have young children, your family, so how do you do that and stay in a budget?

Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch has a great plan called The Care Savings Plan, and it’s built for just this kind of situation.  Now, it’s not insurance, let’s be clear on that, but it is more of a co-op type of plan.  It has great benefits and really helps you control your costs when accessing health care, but it’s not insurance.

So how can The Care Savings Plan help you and your family control costs?  Well, here are a couple of thoughts:

First, in the arena of controlling medical costs, it’s the unknown that really drives costs out of control, right?  For instance, if your child has a fever, you go in to get that looked at , and it turns out she actually has the flu, needs antibiotics and follow up visits.  That’s a lot, and really hard to plan for.  Well, that’s exactly where we’ve pointed the essence of our program at; the ability to encounter and take care of medical situations without throwing your whole budget into the ditch. 

Next, we have built a high convenience factor into the system.  We know you’re time is limited, and that is even more so if you have kids.  We’ve done everything we can to reduce the time footprint needed for a visit to the doctor.  You can check into our Online Checkin system for more information on this if you’d like.