The Flu is Here; Are You Ready?

Influenza, or “The Flu”, is back, and it’s high time you get your shot!  Across the board, getting an annual flu shot is still your best bet against getting the flu.  Most of us have had a nice the flu at least once in our lives, and we ALL know that there’s no part of it that any sane person would describe as “fun”.  Body aches, fever, sore throat, it’s just a bad deal, and there’s really no way to function when you have it.

This might be the worst part of having the flu; that you can’t DO anything.  If you have kids, you know how tough this is: your kids still need you, your job still needs you, and all you can do is struggle along for the days or weeks it takes you to get over it.  

Contrast that with a flu shot.  One tiny needle stick, and you’re done.  Even if you have one of the more adverse reactions, which is rare, you’re still out of the woods far faster than if you actually get the virus.  Contact your doctor and ask them if the flu shot is right for you.  There are a minority of the population for whom it’s not a good idea, but again, that’s rare.

Of course, at Urgent & Family Care at Avery Ranch, we offer the flu shot for ages 12 years and up, and you can even use our convenient online checkin feature so that you don’t even have to sit in a waiting room.  We’ll call you and let you know that we’re ready, and you just walk in, get your shot, and you’re on your way!  

That said, this is not about us getting to give you the flu shot, but simply about your health.  Whoever you decide to use, just get your flu shot.  Again, it’s the best way to keep from getting the seasonal flu (you know someone who’s already had the flu this year, and you don’t want that to be you, do you?).