What is a Austin Walk In Clinic, and How Can It Help Your Family?

Walk in clinics are not new to Austin, but they are growing in popularity.   The benefits stack up fast, but you might not be aware of them at first, so we’re going to talk about a few that you may or may not realize.  Let’s get started.

First, in a walk in clinic in Austin, you don’t have to make an appointment.  This may not seem like a big deal, but if you have a screaming two-year-old with a fever who needs attention, going to a medical care facility that does not force you to have an appointment is a big deal. This is important when there is an emergency, but what if there isn’t?  

Non-emergency medical care could be even higher on the list of factors that favor a Austin walk in clinic over standard general practice doctor’s offices.  Think about it; you need to get flu shots for you, your husband and your three kids, but their schedules are all over the place.  Your husband really needs to do it on the weekend, while each of your kids have different days of the week that would be best.  THEN, right when you are about to take your 13-year-old in for his flu shot, your 10-year-old’s soccer practice ends early and you have to go pick them up, ruining your appointment to get the oldest’s shot administered, right?  Hold on, this is a walk in clinic, so you don’t have to have an appointment!  See the benefit?  As soon as you have a free hour, take one or even two kids over and get their shots, and you’re on your way.  This makes routine medical care for your family a LOT less stressful.